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Rape Without Rapists?


I am fortunate enough to have dozens of extremely thoughtful
friends. Some of them were kind enough to share their thoughts via Facebook
about the recent rise in attention paid to the GOP platform position that
abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape, incest and maternal health
concerns. Public statements by GOP Senatorial candidates Todd Akin and Richard
Mourdock have pushed the issue of pregnancy via rape into the national
spotlight. Something I’ve noticed and struggled with is that virtually none of
the public discourse I’ve heard about women’s choices actually talks about the initial
decision maker in this scenario: the rapist.  


In some ways, this whole debate is representative of the
broader dysfunction of our society. I have yet to hear important political
conversation about challenging America's rape culture. Everyone says rape is
bad then continues on to their talking points. No one's talking about how we
can ensure that sex is chosen, pregnancies are deliberate and all babies are


Instead of focusing on how to deal with the aftermath of
sexual violence, why don't we spend time and energy training our young people
to understand sex, abhor sexual violence and value others as themselves? That simply
isn’t happening. My goodness, who decided that sexual assault can't even be as demonized
in our culture as cigarettes?


Ultimately, I would love Akin and Mourdock's accidental
statements of belief to start a national conversation about sexual violence but
I have little hope that will happen. Instead, we will probably just keep
focusing on what we expect from the women who are victimized by rape. After
all, that's a lot easier than acknowledging that there are perpetrators of
sexual assault around us every day and our culture basically ignores them. It's as though we simply expect there will be a certain amount of rape in America. How awful. 







Mourdock or Milquetoast


With less than two weeks before the election, I need to
vent. Indiana’s Democratic Party is just plain stupid.


There, I said it. It’s really stupid. They simply refuse to
nominate an actual, true to life liberal to run for Senate. Instead, it’s one
milquetoast moderate after another. Hoosiers consistently have to choose
between a Republican is proud of his political perspective and a Democrat who
barely has one.


The biggest national political story
this morning is Richard Mourdock’s insane soliloquy about rape, abortion and
the will of God. Mourdock has gone the way of Todd Akin, Joe Walsh and the far
right wing of the Republican Party in making explicit their previously
subterranean desire for their vision of a 1950s fantasy America to be “inflicted”
upon 21st society. Specifically women.


Yet, the Indiana Democrats can’t take full advantage of this
opening because their own Senate candidate Joe Donnelly is also opposed to
abortion rights and, in many other respects, is a retread of the same watered
down elephant in donkey’s clothing. It’s the style candidate Hoosier Dems have
tried over and over again. Eventually, Evan Bayh developed some liberal bona fides but Donnelly has hewn closely
to the Brad Ellsworth playbook of accepting conservative orthodoxy.  The strategy seems to be simple: say
conservative things while smiling instead of sneering.


Obviously there are some important differences between
Donnelly and Mourdock and I plan to vote for Donnelly. I also have hope that if
Donnelly were elected he would discover the value of leaning left in the
Senate. What’s sad today is that had Donnelly been willing to make the leftward
move sooner, his election would be a fait
and Mourdock would be on the way to the next John Birch Society
meeting.  As it is, Mourdock may well
weather this storm. Cause after all, who wants milquetoast?