NBA All-Star game 1st quarter

First quarter-

Wow that didn’t take long. 1 basket and 1 sick block and it’s back to the dunk contest for DHo. I think Stan VG is kinda happy…

Thank you USOC!!!

The connection between JKidd and LBJ makes for some pretty basketball doesn’t it?

What about these uniforms? I can’t even explain those.

‘That’s how struggled they are right now.’ Thank you Reggie Miller.

Is Kobe really done this soon? That seems silly. Why didn’t they just let someone else get a spot? Is he really that greedy? Ish.

How hard must it be for Dirk to speak about the JKidd trade when he may have to go back to having a Devin Harris relationship? Especially since English is not his first language.

‘so much things’ thank you Doug Collins.

CB1 (Mr. Big Shot) is making an early bid for MVP. Wow, what a start. Too really tough shots then a blown freebie. Okay! Instant assist machine. Damn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had the same expression for the last three days. Damn #2!

The West should really look out. Amare hit a very comfortable looking 3. If he expands his range enough for that to be a threat in the playoffs, with Shaq in the paint. I love it.

Nice individual action but still lots of nervous moments.

Pleasant enough 1st quarter.


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