NBA All-Star game 2nd quarter

Second quarter-

Doc vs. Byron Scott- isn’t this like The Sports Guys worst coaching nightmare?

Nice start to the ASG, Brandon Roy.

Who’s JKidd trying to impress?

Roy’s impressing everyone.

Yeah, LBJ and JKidd really need to play together. Since Bibby’s off the table, why don’t the Cavs get rid of some of their duplicate players to get Kidd? Why don’t all the fans know who Roy is?
Dirk vs. JKidd ‘This could be practice.’ Nice.

B Roy is on fire.

And LBJ is so big and strong, the defense sometimes doesn’t matter?

The volleyball 3 player alley oop. Some pretty nice in game dunks. 3 straight for the East and the start of a standing O.

LBJ definitely wants a triple double tonight.

Does DWade just not dunk anymore? Is that about his injuries? Is he not interested in the fan element? Considering his ill conceived full court pass to Rip Hamilton, I’d guess no, but two open court layups? I’m just glad he didn’t get booed. (Actually, I don’t car but I wanna be nice about it.)

These commercials are awesome. Harry Connick Jr. the All-Stars are rebuilding.

Dirk makes tough shots.
Renegotiation for the Hornets. What about the Sonics?
Leftie 3? 2nd chance and it’s good. I wish Sheed tried so hard to work on his passing.

A fairly uninteresting denouement to the first half. Just kinda ugh.

But yes, they’re working hard to pimp Dwight Howard. I know you didn’t do anything at all but dunk in the first half but we want to talk to you. A lot.


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