NBA All-Star game 3rd quarter

Third quarter-

Should it be surprising that the one time Tim Duncan tries to show off for the fans, he blows it? Sad but not exactly a shock. The way the East is consistently dominating the West? Definitely a shock.

It’s clear that the East is working to make this game a success?

Doug Collins ask about mediocrity. One day last week, there are only five Western teams with sub .500 records while only five in the East had records above that mark.

David West just got the Charles Smith self-check! So sad. Especially in his first game.

In the fourth quarter I expect to see Duncan, Yao, Dirk, Paul, Iverson and Anthony against Pierce, Billups, Howard, James, Bosh and Allen or Wade.

‘It’s better to cheat then repeat.’ Thank you again Doug Collins. No wonder Clemens thinks he should be able to use HGH and Kelvin Sampson thinks he should be comfortable flauting the rules he’s already violated. Better to cheat than repeat. Depressing.

13 points in a row for the Celtics Little 2. Thank you for comfort Doc.

A 13 point East lead going into period 4. The plot thickens.


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