NBA All-Star game 4th quarter

Fourth quarter-

Supes gets stuffed. Very nice, Amare.

Who’ll vote for the MVP tonight? Which people decide that they already know with 8 minutes left who the MVP of the game should be?

24 second violation? Really. Wow. They must be too serious.

Amare, you are the man!

The West is having a great flurry. Tough tall defense and some seriously nice O. gotta love it.

DHo, Kidd, CB1, Rip and King James. Huh, I don’t think I really get that lineup. Oh yeah, Doc. Never mind.

Duncan making a great effort to lead the break. It did not go well.

LBJ almost killed himself by jumping into a jungle of ultra expensive sheets.

And a crazy And 1 for Amare.

A back and forth competitive game. The West leads and it seems natural to a certain extent. Would have thought I’d al= s

Ray Allen is legit as an All-Star. I think that’s the message, ? right.

35 seconds left and D Wade makes a crazy crazy shot. Now 3 points and fouling starts.

Ray Ray gets 28 points and half within the last couple minutes. Sounds like an MVP to me…

Overall, a fun, well played game but without the level of highlights, intensity, outstanding performance or meaning that some recent ASGs have featured. Still, a great way to spend a few hours.



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