A New TNA Title: Part 1

My proposal is this: TNA needs a new secondary title.


This title would allow them to do lots of helpful things.
Hopefully some of you will tell me what additional possibilities there are but
here’s a start. Any new title would automatically increase the intrigue of
title defenses and changes (and all the attendant possibilities that come with
Every championship enhance the resumés of talent. Titles are
the most important props in wrestling. Fans are conditioned to value titles and
use them as measuring sticks for wrestlers. Since so few of the TNA second
level guys have much experience as singles champs, having a new title can both
polish individual pedigrees and develop the experience of many as champions and
in championship matches.

It makes
great sense for Kofi Kingston and Paul Burchill to be Intercontinental champ
and challenger for instance. It will always be helpful for Kingston to say that
he is a former Intercontinental champion. The same would be true for Burchill
if he won the belt. Since the World title is the element of such focus right
now, the secondary belt is wisely being used to build credibility for rising
talent. TNA needs to do the same thing. 


This new belt would provide a helpful, viable second tier for singles
wrestlers. There are guys like Rhino, Tomko, Matt Morgan and, for months on
end, James Storm and Robert Roode who are clearly not World title contenders
right now but can’t credibly compete in the X Division. Right now, there are too many guys that simply have to spin their wheels because there’s no clear goal for them. This second title would minimize that problem.


Even if accidently, adding a new belt will also help make
TNA seem more like a major player. With only one heavyweight belt, the
promotion still seems minor league. Having enough depth to maintain a secondary
title division will make TNA feel more substantial than the company has been up
to this point. Steps like this are necessary for TNA to be seen as a major company.

More soon.


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