Cordoba House Controversy


In having some Facebook time, I’ve been talking about the folks who have decided that Muslims are not allowed to have buildings in certain locations. This whole news story has been a giant orgy of misinformation, suspicion, paranoia and political posturing. The folks for whom this really should matter most (the 9/11 survivors and families) don’t appear to have much problem with Cordoba House.  For the rest of us, though, for whom this is only theoretical and not part of our lived experience about 68% of us don’t want a mosque built on Ground Zero.


Of course, that’s only the story on the ticker. Most of us don’t know anything beyond the buzzwords that have been used to describe the situation. Generally, I believe that it's very easy for people to see a headline, hear a loud voice, form a (mis)conception and get stuck in their positions.


Since the rhetoric of fear, hate and suspicion means more money and more votes, it's gonna keep on coming. (Yesterday it came in the form of Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid declaring his opposition to the project. Reid is in a close race for his seat so felt the need to publicly comment on a building planned for 2500 miles away from his state.) That's part of the reason I appreciate the rise of social media. Just as quickly as misinformation can be disseminated, correctives can be shared. Hopefully more and more Americans will be willing to hear, read and learn from folks who don't share their worldview.


Hey, I can hope, can't I?!?





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