Dead Settlers Moon

I am teaching about the colonial period in US History and have recently covered the Proclamation of 1763 which defined the Appalachian Mountains as the westernmost area in which English colonists were allowed to settle. That didn't last for long. The westward expansion continued until the self-fulfilling prophecy of Manifest Destiny was achieved. Achieved at unknowable cost.

Last night the moon was as bright as I remember seeing it in years. It was a Dead Settlers Moon.

There’s a dead settlers moon tonight

When the sky is full of piercing light

Forcing the world into noticing the depth of shadows

Sparked in white not yellow


These were the nights

When crossing no man’s lands

Led to rampant success for the bow strung warriors of the Lakota Sioux

While the cavalries of gunpowder and smallpox blankets

Never seemed to arrive in time





© Gayle Force Press 2006


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