Super Bowl Blogging-2nd Quarter


Super Bowl Blogging-2nd Quarter


Sounds like the production team spent the whole time between commercials trying to make Joe Buck sound less ridiculous. Fail.


Sanders went behind the first down marker on his own. He shouldn’t have been awarded that first down.


Didn’t Shaun Suisham used to play for the Cowboys? How nice this must feel for him to play in JerryLand while the Cowboys have been out of contention for 3 months?


Elton John can’t be this desperate for money…


I saw John Travolta but thought it was Rod Blagoevich. Sad but true.


Wait a sec, is BMW being advertised as a pro-America company?


Coke, THOR and VW with sci-fi themed commercials consecutively.


Big Ben headlines are mentioned but unmentioned a) this was not the first allegation of sexual assault and b) the DA in the Georgia case was convinced Ben was guilty but the accuser was apparently so drunk she couldn’t be a strong witness. If that’s the only 15 seconds they spend on this, I’ll be disappointed.


Again, there’s conversation about Ben’s lack of mobility just before he takes off running. Hello guys, it’s not disabling him now so don’t force your square storyline into that round hole.


A chimp commercial. Really, in 2011? Who is Career Builder’s lead marketer, Homer Simpson?


2 INTs for Big Ben

Legacy is slipping away quickly.


Green Bay 21, Pittsburgh 3. Jake is Super excited.


Troy Aikman makes a great point about the Pack’s 3rd touchdown of the half. I was starting to wonder why he was in the booth.


Advertising FB access as a selling point for a car frightens me.


It feels odd to me that Marvel has flown so far ahead of DC in terms of its movies. DC has, arguably, the three most iconic comic heroes in Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. So, what happened?


Watching injured players walk down long hallways toward medical care makes me wonder why there aren’t golf carts at the ready.


Green Bay secondary injuries may combine with Steelers desperation to provoke a massive second half shootout. Hmm, that could be good.


Actually, it looks like the injured guys are walking through a sports bar toward medical care. That’s much better.


The last Steelers drive was really impressive. Ben and Hines Ward have clearly played together for a long time. It’s odd seeing the high speed, frazzled looking offense playing against the Packers because Brett Favre was a master of that style.


This has not been the kind of first half I expected, largely due to Pittsburgh sloppiness, but it’s been lots of fun!












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