Super Bowl Blogging-3rd Quarter


Super Bowl Blogging-3rd Quarter



Wow, James Jones dropped a sure fire long gainer and potential touchdown. Instead, Green Bay punts. Ouch.


Immediately followed up by a dubious 15 yard penalty. Double ouch.


Chimps and babies. Is it just me or shouldn’t those commercials have gone out with the Clinton Administration?


Man, momentum is huge! GB was so close to a 28-10 lead. Seemingly, 5 minutes after the drop, it’s 21-17. DAMN!


Nelson dropped another pass he could have caught. Uh oh, are the Packers feeling nervous? With the lead? Not a good sign for them.


All the momentum is on the Steelers side of the ball.


Timothy Hutton didn’t really do that Groupon commercial did he? How much crack must he be smoking?!? What a bitch!


Watching this game reminds me both a) why so many folks think  Big Ben is a great QB and b) why they’re wrong.


Charlotte Jones Anderson?!? Who the fuck is Charlotte Jones Anderson?!?


Massive, absurd overthrow by Ben. See 2 lines previous.


Clay Matthews almost made an insanely great play (instead of just an excellent one). And they say White men can’t jump…


4th and 15 from the Packer 34. A FG brings you within 1 point. I gotta go for the yardage. Send a message: We’re gonna win!


ISH. Horrible kick.


What does this city [Detroit] know about luxury?

They’ve been to Hell and back? To Hell, okay? Back? Not so much.

When your lead ambassador is Eminem, you've got lotsa work to do.


AROD running around a bit, throwing downfield, the Pack being aggressive. This is how you got to the Super Bowl!


All these injured guys are making visual indications of physical distress. No Cutlers here!


56 yd FGA is easily in range says Joe Buck. What a tool.


Uh, throwing a judo chop at someone’s helmet is stupid on many levels. Tramon Williams, this means you.


Green Bay seems entirely discombobulated. Almost frightened. Don’t be scared. Be happy.


Bad challenge, Mike McCarthy. Especially when you’ve already used two timeouts. Ish.


My bad, The Steelers have blown two timeouts, not the Pack. That helps.


How many times will we hear the word ‘correction’ tonight? I need to retain this for next year’s potential drinking games…


I’m thinking Janet Jackson for next year’s Super Bowl. MJ’s dead and there’ll be lots of interests because of NippleGate. Hmmm.




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