Super Bowl Blogging-4th Quarter

Super Bowl Blogging-4th  Quarter



First play and Mendenhall coughs it up. I’m wondering if that’ll be the play of the game. So surreal.


The crowd seems hyped but the Packers don’t. That would be disconcerting if I were a Packer fan.


What’s up with Jordy Nelson? All my images of sure handed, slow footed, White possession receivers are being distorted.

Especially now that he races across the field like a gazelle. Who are you, Jordy Nelson?


Why does AROD keep hopping? He’s done it on 5 or 6 occasions since the 2nd quarter. It looked stupid when Pete Sampras did it but he at least made winning plays out of it.


Yep, Mendenhall fumbles and 3 minutes later the Pack has a nice lead and has finally re-captured the momentum.


It’s great that in the Super Bowl, there are so many video cameras that people holding television cameras are often on camera.


Activity Dogs have to be gone from commercials too.


Painfully tacky, adult oriented commercials co-exist seamlessly with movie ads designed for 4 year olds. Is anyone even trying?


Flozell. Is mother Flo(rence) and father Zell? Is father Flo(yd) and mother Zel(da)?  I really wanna know.


GB 28- PIT 17. This seems like the perfect time for a Big Ben comeback for the ages and Hall of Fame immortality.

SHIT! I wasn't expecting Green Bay to stop playing defense.


I suppose if Ben wins another title this year, he’ll at least have to spend lots of time and energy answering uncomfortable questions. So, there’s that…


WOW. 3 points down after that awesome 2 point conversion.


HA! Pretending that Go Daddy has limits (that the FCC) hasn’t established I mean.


Waaay too many people eat during the Super Bowl for VW to have done a Beetle ad with real beetles. The Idiot Wind is blowing.


If the Packers get any more nervous they’ll have to carry security blankets.


Down the field aggression works for Green Bay! Well, when they catch the ball at least.


The Steelers really could have benefitted from having additional timeouts.


31-25, just over 2 minutes left, trailing time receiving a kickoff. Wouldn’t most of us have been happy if we knew this would be the situation for this year’s Super Bowl?


Another personal foul? In the Super Bowl? Almost comical. Of course, I don’t have any money riding on the outcome so…


Hasn’t Kim Kardashian moved from football to basketball?


Lots of time being spent on meager gains by the Steelers. I don’t understand. 50 seconds and 20 yards?


Pre-route contact? Nah. Not in the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Now, I can only hope for next years Colts-Vikings grudge match.


What a fun game this was.


Let’s hope Rashard Mendenhall gets treated well. He’s gonna need it.


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