The Secret Multiplication


When I was a kid

My favorite store had an escalator ride

The magic of which was its mirrors

They were stationed both port and starboard

Encouraging me to look more deeply than I knew how

Showing me a new way of seeing myself

My own face reflected infinitely


Now that I’m sharing the escalator

I find myself looking at

The two of us

Gazing forward and behind

At the future and the past

At the one and the two

Holding both in a single present gaze


When two souls combine

Our identities can shift

Our foundations can be moved

Abruptly, permanently, perfectly

By this new experience of love


This partnering of souls is always greater than 

The elementary math by which we are numbered

Indeed the base choices should be altered

For addition generates only the vertical plane

Of one above another

We should speak instead of multiplication

Since it embraces the horizontal plane of relationship


That’s what marriage is

The reason for the multiplication

As well as the meaning


It’s us noticing Us

Behind and ahead

The like become love

The one become one with another one

Leaving a brand new one with two mouths

Sharing one voice

Two souls sharing one breath

The secret multiplication of love

One times one equals one



© 2008 Gayle Force Press



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