The Other Half of Balki


I didn’t remember his name

No, that’s not true


Mark Linn-Baker


What a funny, unforgettable name

I didn’t care to remember it

I suppose

He didn’t matter to me


Really this Mark Linn-Baker was just there

Archived in my brain

Alongside Dana Plato, Ken Kercheval

Lisa Whelchel, Roxie Roker

And the rest of the litany of not quite stars

That worked so hard to barely imprint themselves

On my consciousness


The lot of them barely identifiable

as individual entities

Except as who they pretended to be

And like me

that’s the only important reality


The masks we wear for better or worse

Define us and allow us

To define each other


Whether the me you think you know

Or Mark Linn-Baker,

Cousin Larry

The other half of Balki



© Gayle Force Press 2015




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