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Spitzer on ice

Eliot Spitzer has to be gone doesn’t he? Bill Clinton got impeached for consensual sex. He’s the governor of NY and soon to be an albatross around the Clinton campaign. He’s got no political future so today needs to be his last full day in office. Please.


NBA All-Star game 4th quarter

Fourth quarter-

Supes gets stuffed. Very nice, Amare.

Who’ll vote for the MVP tonight? Which people decide that they already know with 8 minutes left who the MVP of the game should be?

24 second violation? Really. Wow. They must be too serious.

Amare, you are the man!

The West is having a great flurry. Tough tall defense and some seriously nice O. gotta love it.

DHo, Kidd, CB1, Rip and King James. Huh, I don’t think I really get that lineup. Oh yeah, Doc. Never mind.

Duncan making a great effort to lead the break. It did not go well.

LBJ almost killed himself by jumping into a jungle of ultra expensive sheets.

And a crazy And 1 for Amare.

A back and forth competitive game. The West leads and it seems natural to a certain extent. Would have thought I’d al= s

Ray Allen is legit as an All-Star. I think that’s the message, ? right.

35 seconds left and D Wade makes a crazy crazy shot. Now 3 points and fouling starts.

Ray Ray gets 28 points and half within the last couple minutes. Sounds like an MVP to me…

Overall, a fun, well played game but without the level of highlights, intensity, outstanding performance or meaning that some recent ASGs have featured. Still, a great way to spend a few hours.



NBA All-Star game 3rd quarter

Third quarter-

Should it be surprising that the one time Tim Duncan tries to show off for the fans, he blows it? Sad but not exactly a shock. The way the East is consistently dominating the West? Definitely a shock.

It’s clear that the East is working to make this game a success?

Doug Collins ask about mediocrity. One day last week, there are only five Western teams with sub .500 records while only five in the East had records above that mark.

David West just got the Charles Smith self-check! So sad. Especially in his first game.

In the fourth quarter I expect to see Duncan, Yao, Dirk, Paul, Iverson and Anthony against Pierce, Billups, Howard, James, Bosh and Allen or Wade.

‘It’s better to cheat then repeat.’ Thank you again Doug Collins. No wonder Clemens thinks he should be able to use HGH and Kelvin Sampson thinks he should be comfortable flauting the rules he’s already violated. Better to cheat than repeat. Depressing.

13 points in a row for the Celtics Little 2. Thank you for comfort Doc.

A 13 point East lead going into period 4. The plot thickens.


NBA All-Star game 2nd quarter

Second quarter-

Doc vs. Byron Scott- isn’t this like The Sports Guys worst coaching nightmare?

Nice start to the ASG, Brandon Roy.

Who’s JKidd trying to impress?

Roy’s impressing everyone.

Yeah, LBJ and JKidd really need to play together. Since Bibby’s off the table, why don’t the Cavs get rid of some of their duplicate players to get Kidd? Why don’t all the fans know who Roy is?
Dirk vs. JKidd ‘This could be practice.’ Nice.

B Roy is on fire.

And LBJ is so big and strong, the defense sometimes doesn’t matter?

The volleyball 3 player alley oop. Some pretty nice in game dunks. 3 straight for the East and the start of a standing O.

LBJ definitely wants a triple double tonight.

Does DWade just not dunk anymore? Is that about his injuries? Is he not interested in the fan element? Considering his ill conceived full court pass to Rip Hamilton, I’d guess no, but two open court layups? I’m just glad he didn’t get booed. (Actually, I don’t car but I wanna be nice about it.)

These commercials are awesome. Harry Connick Jr. the All-Stars are rebuilding.

Dirk makes tough shots.
Renegotiation for the Hornets. What about the Sonics?
Leftie 3? 2nd chance and it’s good. I wish Sheed tried so hard to work on his passing.

A fairly uninteresting denouement to the first half. Just kinda ugh.

But yes, they’re working hard to pimp Dwight Howard. I know you didn’t do anything at all but dunk in the first half but we want to talk to you. A lot.


NBA All-Star game 1st quarter

First quarter-

Wow that didn’t take long. 1 basket and 1 sick block and it’s back to the dunk contest for DHo. I think Stan VG is kinda happy…

Thank you USOC!!!

The connection between JKidd and LBJ makes for some pretty basketball doesn’t it?

What about these uniforms? I can’t even explain those.

‘That’s how struggled they are right now.’ Thank you Reggie Miller.

Is Kobe really done this soon? That seems silly. Why didn’t they just let someone else get a spot? Is he really that greedy? Ish.

How hard must it be for Dirk to speak about the JKidd trade when he may have to go back to having a Devin Harris relationship? Especially since English is not his first language.

‘so much things’ thank you Doug Collins.

CB1 (Mr. Big Shot) is making an early bid for MVP. Wow, what a start. Too really tough shots then a blown freebie. Okay! Instant assist machine. Damn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had the same expression for the last three days. Damn #2!

The West should really look out. Amare hit a very comfortable looking 3. If he expands his range enough for that to be a threat in the playoffs, with Shaq in the paint. I love it.

Nice individual action but still lots of nervous moments.

Pleasant enough 1st quarter.


NBA All-Star game intro

There are a few things I’ll be interested in looking to see tonight. Are the NBA ads going to promote N’O the whole night? Will this look like a UNICEF ad at some point. Is this about keeping the Hornets there? Will there be similar ‘Save Seattle’s team’ efforts?

Trade possibilities

Dunk contest revitalization?

Will the East attempt to indicate that the players there are as good as the West players?

Who uses this game to break out?
Paul, Kobe, LeBron, Bosh are my top candidates

I would not be shocked to see either Nugget make an extra attempt to shine tonight. They’re my super darkhorse pick to win the West. More on that starting tomorrow. Actually, probably Tuesday.



The clippers/Grizzlies game tonight reached 3:00 left in the fourth quarter at 10:18. (I didn’t notice at the time but DVRd the game so I was able to check.) Because there was an overtime period the game ended at 10:59. The coaches used their time outs smartly and in the flow of the game. Fouls were generally good, smart fouls and nothing problematic happened. But it was 41 minutes!

Please understand this was a well played, fun, exciting game. The teams played hard, individuals excelled, the tremendous range and diversity of NBA talent was wonderfully displayed. But the denouement lasted 41 minutes. Including one that included a Clipper foul and final mad dash to the bucket after Memphis had a 6 point lead and the ball with 03.2 seconds left.

It should be on the horizon of concerns that an NBA game can not unreasonably take 41 minutes to play the last 8 minutes of action. An alteration to the rules regarding the frequency of timeouts needs to be on the table. Other rules change during the last two minutes of the game. Perhaps timeouts should be less available as well.


Cable vs. Networks

Yet another recognition that I’m older than I should be: I still think cable and network TV are different. Not like HBO or Showtime, that stuff still seems like, whoa, you’re really spending money on TV.

Okay, but I do still feel sometimes like, hey, why are you deciding to show that commercial, you’re a network? Other times it’s why did you bleep that word, isn’t this a cable show?

How long ago did I establish my TV parameters? Wow.